about us

Foto: Katharina Giesler


“Beauty is the splendour of truth”



This blog was born out of love: my unconditional love for my daughter Paula. My Little Miss Nicod.

It is fascinating how children suddenly surprise you with questions, concerns or projects that you would never have thought of. That’s what happened to me when my daughter told me about creating a blog.

I was surprised but also enthusiastic about the idea of capturing, on a platform, brush strokes of what inspires me; especially, art and beauty, in all its forms. By means of photographs, interviews and poetry, I want to fill the space around me with authenticity and delicacy.

As an actress-model and translator, I act as a link between two worlds. Now, in this project, I am discovering and creating at the same time, and feel that way, too. Like a bridge between what I seek and find, between what I experience and express, between what’s present and what’s absent and hidden …

Thank you for being part of this!

I wish you a happy day full of beauty!